Caring For Your Dogs' Health in Summer

It's time to take your dog out for a sunny journey in summer. However, have you really cared for  your dog's health when it gets unbearable so hot. Kindly notice that you must take after pets security more than usual. Exposure and high temperature will bring many safety hazards. Sunburn, burns, diseases, parasites and other aspects require the owner to pay more attention.


  • White short-haired pets are more prone to sunburn, and pets that have just shaved are also prone to sunburn.
  • Above the nose is the area that is most prone to sunburn, especially if it is a bit wounded.
  • Consider using a powerful sunscreen, but not zinc.

2.Paw burns

  • It is recommended to take a walk when the sun is not big. Do not take too hot ground when walking, such as asphalt road.

3.Diseases and parasites

  • There are many insects in summer, so be careful to prevent ectoparasites (mainly fleas and mites) and heartworms.
  • If a pet is bitten by any insect, there may be an allergic reaction. If you have symptoms of redness and inflammation, you need to see a doctor promptly.
  • Increased contact with other pets, be sure to confirm that the dog's vaccine is followed up in time to avoid infectious diseases

4.Food spoilage

  • Store food in a dry and cool place; open cans are easy to attract flies, beware of deterioration.

Doing these preventions is just the beginning. You don't have to worry about ramie. You want to enjoy the summer with your own baby. The most important thing is to take care of your pet.

5.Pet heatstroke

In addition to a small amount of sweat on the soles of the feet, dogs can only rely on panting to dissipate heat, which is more likely to cause heat stroke than people. If the owner finds that the pet has signs of heat stroke, he must take urgent action and send it to the emergency room. Due to high temperatures and water shortages, such as renal failure, nervous system problems, coagulopathy, etc., there may be other complications after heat stroke. If you delay treatment, you may regret your life.